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Considering that it has changed on their website from a 13.5 kilowatt-hour battery to a 14 kilowatt-hour battery, they may not be sure what the technical specifications are themselves. But as they have said they will be available within 3 months I presume they’d have a pretty good idea of what its specifications will be.

It seems the technically challenged masses like me will see off the shelf systems that can directly charge their EVs in the not too distant future. I am happy to install a battery at break even just to give the middle finger to utilities for being slow to adapt and/or pushing back against progress.

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If it is a new build you would have the house wired to support the backup generator. If I can just expedite my move out there, then the economics of generator vs PV & batteries changes, but going on-grid just isn’t viable out there. With a gas fridge, gas cooking, and wood heating, we only run a modest generator from sunset for a few hours for lights, computers, & TV.

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It costs about $5 per night, especially after I put in LED lights, and we’re only there about a week a month now. The generator has lasted over 25 years, though we’ve swapped the Honda motor out. Tesla has said they will send us the Powerwall 2 technical specifications, but they haven’t done that yet.

This product would then only cater for people who are completely new to solar and missing a huge chunk of potential buyers who now will need to dump their old or very new inverters to get a PW2. So the lower the feed-in tariff, the more economically worthwhile storage becomes. Once off grid, there’s no restriction on array size, so overdimensioning for winter is no issue. Tesla has finally put some numbers back into their original Powerwall warranty. So for normal household use they promise it will have at least 60% of its original capacity at the end of its 10 year warranty.

often in CCleaner their spare time with whatever money they had left over from their weekly pay. Just be aware that at this point in time you won’t be helping the environment by buying one. The household receives a subsidy or is on a time-of-use tariff with high peak rates.

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All other specs, including efficiency and capacity retention, remained measured at 2kW. Musk said that the power output of the PW1 would be increased to 5 kW continuous, 7kW peak. Athomas, the information I currently have from Tesla is the Powerwall 2 is AC coupled and cannot accept DC power from panels. Problem is all these advances in technology are a deterrent to acting now – looks like another deferral; this time to .

I will run the numbers on this and get something written up before too long. The other factor is I really like the idea of being off grid and would like also to be fossil fuel free so am prepared to pay perhaps something to do that and/or make compromises to achieve that goal. For off grid the installation would involve PV + Storage Battery + Backup Generator.

I expect there is an very good chance we’ll see something similar for the Powerwall 2, but hopefully they will improve on it. I’ve always contended that if one is halfway competent one doesn’t NEED insurance. The world I grew up in insisted one gain a general knowledge about just about everything , and then took responsibility for one’s activities.

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